Order a SIBO Test

Only registered providers can order a SIBO test. All providers must complete our online registration, which we will use to verify a provider’s professional credentials. After verification, registered providers can begin ordering at-home SIBO testing kits for their patients.  There are two ordering options for providers which are tailored to the needs of individual practices: (1) On-site inventory or (2) drop-ship.

On-site Inventory

The provider’s office maintains an inventory of at-home breath test kits in their office and dispenses kits to patients in the office.  Within each kit is a laboratory requisition, which the ordering provider must complete and sign before dispensing to the patient.  The patient can complete the patient demographic and patient insurance information portion of the lab requisition.  After collecting breath samples, the patient must return the completed lab requisition with the kit by mail (using the included prepaid return shipping label) to our office.


If the provider rarely prescribes SIBO testing, or if it is difficult or inconvenient for a patient to come to the provider’s office to receive an at-home SIBO test kit, a provider’s office may prefer to drop-ship an at-home SIBO testing kit.  In this case, the provider’s office must complete and fax a lab requisition to our office, which will trigger shipment of the patient’s at-home breath test kit to their home.  Important: all fields of the laboratory requisition must completed before we can ship the SIBO test kit to the patient. After collecting breath samples, the patient returns the kit by mail (using the included prepaid return shipping label) without the lab requisition.


Choosing the Right SIBO Test Kit

Two substrates are available for the at-home SIBO test:  lactulose and glucose.

Because lactulose is a legend drug and regulated by the FDA, SIBO test kits containing the substrate, lactulose, can only be ordered by a licensed health care provider.  Please check with your state licensing board to determine if you have prescriptive rights for legend drugs.

As an alternative, SIBO breath test kits containing the substrate, glucose, are available without the need for prescriptive rights.  However, if your patient is diabetic, SIBO testing using kits containing glucose is not recommended due to the risk of a rise in blood sugar which may result from substrate ingestion. You should also be aware that the use of glucose may not identify distal SIBO owing to the rapid absorption of glucose in the small intestine.