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What is SIBO?

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) refers to a condition in which colonic bacteria colonize and proliferate in the small intestine. SIBO is believed to be one of the underlying causes of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and can cause symptoms such as gas and bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain and, in advanced cases, nutrient deficiencies and weight loss. Fortunately, SIBO is treatable through nutritional supplementation, diet, probiotics, and/or antibiotics. The presence of SIBO is detected by methane and hydrogen breath test.

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About Breath Testing for SIBO

Bacteria in the gut produce the gases hydrogen and methane as byproducts of carbohydrate metabolism, whereas humans do not. These gases are released into the bloodstream and diffuse into the lungs where they are exhaled. By measuring the amount of hydrogen and methane in the expired breath, a physician can detect the presence and location of SIBO within the gastrointestinal tract. The hydrogen and methane breath test has the advantages of being accurate, non-invasive, and can be conveniently performed in the patient’s home.

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Why Work with Us?

The Center for SIBO Testing, a subsidiary of Cascade Integrative Medicine in Issaquah, WA, provides SIBO testing services for licensed health care providers and physicians locally in the Seattle area as well as regionally and nationally. First of all, we make SIBO testing more accessible than ever with the hydrogen and methane breath test as a result of its low overall cost, convenient sample collection in the patient’s home, and easy sample return for analysis. Both patients and providers benefit from our rapid turnaround time. As a result, patient reports are delivered to the provider within one business day of receiving patient samples, allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated sooner.

SIBO Testing Covered by Most Insurance Policies

We are in-network with most major insurance carriers, which means that your patients’ benefits will cover most, if not all, of the charges associated with their breath test. Furthermore, we handle all of the medical billing, allowing providers to focus on what’s most important: patient care.

At-Home Collection of Breath Samples

The at-home SIBO breath test is easy to perform and allows patients to collect their own samples within the comfort of their home. Collection tubes with self-sealing septa ensure that breath samples do not escape the collection tube during sample collection and return shipment.

Clinic Inventory or Drop-Shipping Options

Providers that register with us will be sent an inventory of at-home SIBO kits, free of charge, that can be dispensed to patients as needed.  For those patients who have difficulty traveling to the office, we also offer the option to drop-ship at-home SIBO kits to the patient’s home, also at no additional charge.

Rapid Analysis and Data Reporting

Our rapid data reporting allows patients to be diagnosed and treated sooner. Patient samples are analyzed the same day they arrive, and providers receive patient reports within 12 hours of receipt of patient samples by encrypted email.


The Fastest SIBO Results Available...ANYWHERE

Our rapid turnaround time ensures that providers can make treatment decisions quickly and that patients don't have to wait weeks or months to receive care.


We're the only SIBO testing facility that delivers results the same day the samples arrive at our lab. By allowing providers to keep a free inventory of kits at their clinic, we can shorten the time required for a patient's samples to be analyzed by 50% compared to drop shipment. When our SIBO test kits must be drop shipped, they arrive and are returned quickly in 1-3 business days to and from anywhere in the United States, respectively.

Actual Patient Results

Sample SIBO Report

Patient SIBO results_hydrogen in expired air
Patient SIBO results_methane in expired air
Sample SIBO report
At-home SIBO breath test before (dark blue) and after (light blue) six-week treatment regimen. At-home breath test using lactulose as the substrate was performed on a patient before and after the following six-week regimen: berberine, 500 mg, tid; oil of oregano, bid; FODMAP-free diet and digestive enzymes with meals. Please note this is one of several regimens used to successfully manage and treat SIBO.
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