Performing for Your SIBO Test

IMPORTANT: Please watch our step-by-step instructional video at least 24 hours before you plan to begin your SIBO test.  The video can be found on our homepage here.

In addition to complying with the preparation guidelines, you may not eat or drink anything during the test. Doing so can result in an invalid test.

The collection of 10 breath samples will be performed as follows:

Breath Sample Collection Time
Baseline Just before drinking
#1 20 minutes after drinking
#2 40 minutes after drinking
#3 60 minutes after drinking
#4 80 minutes after drinking
#5 100 minutes after drinking
#6 120 minutes after drinking
#7 140 minutes after drinking
#8 160 minutes after drinking
#9 180 minutes after drinking


Perform the at-home SIBO test

  • Add the substrate (lactulose or glucose) to 8-10 ounces of water and mix thoroughly. Do not drink it yet.
  • Collect baseline sample following steps 1-3 below:

Step 1: Hold the EasySampler breath collector in one hand and a breath collection tube in the other. Do not take a deep breath as this can invalidate the sample.  Inhale and exhale normally during the breath collection. Inhale normally, close your mouth around the mouthpiece, then exhale normally for two seconds.

Step 2: As you exhale, the bag inflates.  Note that the bag has a small hole, which is intentional, and allows air from your lungs to continue to pass into the bag. As you exhale, push the septum of the collection tube firmly into the needle holder completely to pierce the septum while continuing to actively exhale for an additional two seconds.

Step 3: Set the collection tube aside and complete the collection tube label by listing your name, the sample number, date and time.  Affix the completed label to the collection tube.

  • Drink lactulose solution, and repeat steps 1-3 above every 20 minutes for samples #1-9.