SIBO Test and Analysis

Turnaround Time

Many patients suffering from SIBO simply cannot wait weeks or months to be seen for an in-office breath test, or days or weeks for test results to be made available by the rendering laboratory. Our rapid turnaround time ensures that providers can make treatment decisions quickly and that patients don’t have to wait unncessarily to receive care.  We have built an infrastructure that allows patients’ breath samples arriving in our laboratory by 3:00 pm PDT to be analyzed the same day they arrive.  The data is analyzed, and the patient report is delivered to the ordering provider on the same day the samples arrive.

Our SIBO test kits are drop shipped and will arrive quickly in 1-3 business days.  Return shipping occurs within a similar time frame.

At-Home SIBO Testing

The at-home SIBO breath test is performed in the patient’s home after a 24-hr preparatory diet via our hydrogen and methane breath test kit. A total of 10 breath samples are collected: one baseline sample collected before the ingestion of the sugar substrate, and nine samples serially collected at 20 minute intervals over three hours. The breath sample collection tubes are each labeled by the patient with the patient’s name, time of sample collection, date of sample collection, and sample number.  After all of the patient’s breath samples have been collected, the sample collection tubes are then packaged into the provided shipping box, and the pre-paid return label is affixed. The samples can then be returned by dropping the return shipping package into the patient’s home mailbox or any other US postal service mail receptacle.


SIBO Test Analysis

The patient’s breath samples are analyzed by gas chromatography using a Quintron BreathTracker SC Analyzer, which quantifies the concentration of both hydrogen and methane in each sample.  Each gas measurement is normalized to the quantity of carbon dioxide in the sample and reported in parts per million (ppm).

Our lab in Issaquah, Washington serves the Seattle area for SIBO testing – from Tacoma to Kirkland and Renton to Everett as well as Spokane and the rest of Eastern Washington.